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Your agency and law firm in Mallorca

Gestoría Costa Managers & Consultants is your agency and law firm in Mallorca. We are experts in different areas such as tax or real estate. Our facilities in Palma are designed for you and your comfort. We provide you with a quality and professional service. You will value our work with a good note. We will always attend to your needs through professionals whom you will trust from day one.

Somos una gestoría con bufete/despacho de abogados. Contamos con una dilatada experiencia de más de 20 años en el sector. Nuestra gestoría especialista en derecho inmobiliario ha recorrido una amplia trayectoria. Puedes confiar en nosotros.


We are specialized in the purchase and sale of real estate. In fact, our work was valued years ago by one of the most prominent banks nationwide, Halifax, which considered us to be their attorneys in the Balearic Islands. In addition, we have processed for many years the deeds of mortgages and sales of the most important entities.


Your real estate agency

Contact us for more information on these and other services we provide. Remember that we are specialists in buying and selling real estate with professionals who have extensive experience in the sector. You can trust us. We wait for you in our facilities.
If you need the services of an expert real estate manager, you can call us whenever you want by phone. We will always be supporting you in your efforts from Mallorca.

What do we offer you


Advice prior to the real estate transaction to be carried out and its subsequent execution.


Drafting of real estate contracts.


Real estate investment operations: search for profitable investment opportunities.


Search and advice in the case of the need for mortgage financing for the sale and purchase operation.


Search for the best professionals in the case of being interested in developing a real estate development.


Legal advice throughout the real estate operation process.

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Avenida Alexandre Rosselló, 24 2-1,07002, Palma.


+34 971 460 250